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Your child is growing up fast and ready for a little more independence, our pre school club will be a perfect introduction.


Our approach to learning and teaching is through child centered play and education. We have a fully equipped nursery.

Era International School

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Why Era Kids ..

Welcome to Era Kids, welcome to a world filled with fun & education. The years a child spends at a kindergarten school are among the most impressionable years of his life; young minds are like clay posts & can only be mould when at a tender age. Hence we at Era Kids have implemented a simple philosophy of Laugh, Learn & Lead. With emphasis on laughter at every step while educating for a brighter future, we have a habit of developing future leaders. We work on the overall development of a young mind in the right environment to work wonders for years to come. We at ERA School know that parents are rightfully concerned about the type and manner of education provided and are interested in the total development of their children. ERA has implemented new techniques with greater emphasis on overall development by means of introducing ERA School in Play Group, Nursery, Lower KG and Upper KG. The school syllabus is designed after adequate research of child psychology. Our Aim is to expose children to the kind of stimulating experiences which promote healthy mental growth, great freedom and overall personality development, besides providing adequate training in Reading & Writing Readiness.

Our Rooms & Classes

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ERA treats parents as partners in the education of their children. Only when both the school and parents work in tandem can the learning goals be achieved.

ERA keeps parents abreast with all the happenings in the school through a variety of ways, that include an online school management software, regualr SMS alerts, emails and physical letters. Time is allocated for regular interaction with teachers and with the school leadership team in the school calendar.

EraKids provide the Kid's much needed facilities

  • Play Ground
  • C.B.S.E. Pattern Curriculum
  • Large Beautiful Classroom
  • Specially designed benches / desks
  • Loving and caring teachers
  • One / Two teachers to a class
  • Newly built Audio / Video room
  • Computer facility for children
  • Well Educated and Trained Staff

Online School Management Software

Parents are given access to the software through secure login passwords where by they can see the progress of their children. Teachers post by every Friday the lesson plans for next week by subject and by class that a parent can go through. The software also gives parents information on their wards attendance, library books issual, fee payment particulars, medical records related to medical checkups and any emergencies, school calendar, updated time table, special announcements, access to photo galleries of their childrens class and school among others. All the teachers and staff members regularly access their emails and email is the preferred mode of communication.

Parent Teachers Meeting

Teachers will be available for any kind of queries that a parent may have pertaining to studies, assessments, class work or home work, health issues, etc. Parent can visit the school with prior appointment on any day to discuss the progress that his child is making and also see for himself the work that is happening in the class rooms.

Apart from the above one saturday at the middle and at the end of every term is allocated for the formal Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM). Parents would have received a detailed assessment of their child a week before the end term PTM and he or she could discuss the progress made by his child in the last term and the plan for the next term. The entire school leadership team will also be available for interaction if they need to escalate any problems that are not getting resolved. In all there are 6 PTMs in an academic year, one in the middle of each term and one at the end of every term.

Parent Volunteers

We encourage parents to do volunteer work for the school. The areas where they could contribute are being a substitute teacher – to work in the school for a day or two when a teacher is on leave, hobby teacher – to help children develop the love for a hobby in which parent is very good this can take upto 10 hrs of work over a couple of months, technical expert – to help the school with their technical expertise either in the areas of school mgmt software or other systems of learning.

Your children’s education and wellfare are our main priorities


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